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It’s 2013, and I finally think this internet thing is going to catch on.┬áThe great thing about blogging is that it lets you share your expertise and experiences with like minded individuals. The bad thing is that it requires extreme discipline to keep up with posting anything of value.

I’m on sort of a web kick lately. I’ve been doing a freelance project using the LAMP stack which I’ve always been fond of. Web development has certainly changed since I was last into it. The combination of php frameworks, jquery libraries, and layouts like twitter bootstrap make building large sites take a lot less overhead. I’ve also started learning Microsofts MVC framework, so keep an eye out for numerous references to ‘view bags’ (Why does this term make me giggle?).

What does my blog offer that other blogs don’t? Cunning Witt, brilliant intellect, life changing wisdom are things that don’t come to mind. However, it will have useful programming tips coupled with bad puns. And who doesn’t like that?

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