About Me

I’m an avid programmer, wanna-be chef, and in my spare time I run so that I don’t become an amorphous blob from my first two passions.

I live with my super cool and very patient girlfriend fiance Kimberly in beautiful Naples Florida. She’s actually documenting our upcoming Italy vacation using the power of the internet. We have a menagerie of two dogs and two cats that ensure our house is perpetually covered in loose fur.


I started programming when I was 15 when my mother took at course in C++ when she went back to school. She wasn’t a huge fan, but I picked it up and moved on to doing web design and eventually went to college for computer science at the University of Toledo (Go Rockets!).

Currently, I work for Surround Technologies working on our flagship product Accelerator for .Net as well as doing client consulting. I spent most of my time writing ERP software using technologies such as C#, WPF, MVC< Microsoft SQL server and DB2. In my free time I've been doing a lot of PHP coding using the Laravel framework. I've also been refreshing myself on Javasript and JQuery.


This stems from my love for eating. I’ve found you can save a lot of money by making great food yourself. I have a barrel smoker that I use to grill and smoke anything and everything, my favorites being pork butt and my ‘world famous’ beef jerky.


I’ve done three half marathons, with plans to do more. I started running ‘barefoot’ after reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. I am a recently new member of Gulf Coast Runners.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hans Stanglmayr says:

    Hi Patrick,
    you are the organizer of the SW florida .NET Dev group and i’m interested in participating your next meetup.
    I’m a developer from germany, currently here in Naples on vacation until 20th of april..
    Back at home i’m working as a software developer consultant for Microsoft Germany..

    Would be great, if you’d let me know, when your next meetup is scheduled and if i’d be allowed to participate?

    PS: tried via email to patrick@thepatrickdavis.com this morning….

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